Smarg Touchless Face Recognition Based Attendance

Smarg Touchless Facial Recognition Based Attendance System is an AI based attendance solution that can be used on field as well as in the premise for Attendance monitoring without touching the device. The solution is very cost effective and needs lean hardware investment. It can run on any standard Android device (smartphone / tablet that can be mounted per entry/exit) with reasonable configuration PC (as backend). It captures and analyzes live video streams from the mobile device front camera, and recognizes employees' faces through deep learning to record attendance. It also supports geo-fencing and face recognition capability to track field employees' attendance in real-time. The solution is capable of being trained for chosen facial dataset and supports incremental training with add-on facial dataset, as needed.

It is based on AI and Deep Learning concepts, and provides analytics on a real time basis with accuracy of more than 95%. It provides deep data analytics on a daily, monthly or yearly basis as per need, that helps in attendance and productivity tracking of employees whether in office or on the move.

Feature Highlights :