Smart Parking

Smarg smart parking solution is based on AI, deep learning and machine learning algorithms hence robust in nature and can be easily integrated and it is cost effective and efficient with its accuracy of more than 95%
In contrast to traditional parking management solutions that provided only basic services, smart parking management solutions are envisioned to offer a whole range of advanced services with a highly cross-functional management tool. Some features include:

1. On-Street & Off-Street parking
2. Multi Transport Navigation
3. Multi-Level Navigation
4. Parking Availability And Advance Bookings
5. ANPR & Face based Automated Entry/Exit
6. Monetization Through Offers and Parking
7. Traffic Analytics
8. Easily availability of the parking can be monitored
9. Proper utilization of the space
10. Parking guidance systems that helps in finding the parking places
11. Reduces search time by many criteria like operator interest, user preference etc
12. Reservation of the parking can be done easily
13. Parking enforcement such as detection of zones, payment, etc
14. Routing services is easy many services can be easily Integrated like payment systems using RFID, card and many other gadgets
15. Parking zones and parking violations can be monitored easily

Following can be integrated with smart parking solution for better experiences:-
b) Face based Automated Entry/Exit