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Smarg is the only
4-in-1 Award Winning Platform
for Smart Cities, Venues and Events that solves emerging challenges related to on-street parking, off street-parking, traffic management, communication, security and surveillance.

Smarg Impact For You

Lowers Your Cost of management up to 40%

Motivates General Public towards their roles and responsibilities

Efficient Working through automated control

Elevate your brand and make it Tech friendly

Improve service levels by Proactive Monitoring

Makes you reach a wider customer base

Keeps track with Real-time Business Impact

Our Solution

  • Smart Parking & Traffic

    Smart Parking & Traffic Offers:

    On-Street & Off-Street Parking

    Multi Transport Navigation

    Multi-Level Navigation

    Parking Availability And Advance Bookings

    ANPR & Face based Automated Entry/Exit

    Monetisation Through Offers and Parking

    Traffic Analytics


    Smarg Citizen App Menu


    Check Available Parking

  • Surveillance & Security

    Real-Time Alerts For:

    Threat & Suspicious Object Detection

    Fire, Accident And Crowd Alerts

    Parking & Traffic Rules Violations

    Attendance & Footfall Analytics

    Unauthorised Access(Vehicles & People)


    Crowd Alerts


    Fire Detection

  • Communication & Culture

    Engaging Communication & Impactful Culture Through:

    Informative & Engaging Signages

    Real-Time Information & Announcements

    Real-Time Parking & Alerts

    Gamified Workflow and User Profiling

    Traffic Lessons Management & Citizen Leaderboards


    Attendance System


    Footfall Analytics

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About Us

Smarg (venture of an IITian) offers applied AI powered 360 degrees solutions for Smart Security, Surveillance, Parking, Traffic, Communication and Culture for Smart Cities, Venues (Airports, Malls, Townships, etc.) and Events.

Smarg is a leader in Smart Parking (off-street and on-street) solution (including Industrial Parking) with some niche features like video analytics based parking availability and automated No Parking Zone Monitoring, advanced vehicle security, violations, advance booking, etc.

Smart solutions:

  • Smart Parking & Traffic
  • Video Analytics powered Smart Surveillance.
  • Vehicle and Object Counting based Real-time Analytics.
  • ANPR and Facial Recognition based Advanced Vehicle Security.
  • Facial Recognition and Uniform Verification powered Distributed Employee Attendance System.
  • Solutions for electric vehicles ecosystem.

Smarg solutions imbibe state of the art highly available and scalable architecture ensuring high performance and quality while being hardware-agnostic and integration ready. Smarg provides expert consultancy in Deep Learning, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, etc.

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