Video based Incident Detection System (VIDS)
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Elevate Customer Experiences: Introducing Video-based Incident Detection System (VIDS). Enrich Customer-Centric Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology. Identify Top Visitors, Offer Personalized Services to Premium Customers, and Ensure Warm Welcomes for New Entrants. Redefine Customer Journeys with AI-Powered Insights and Create Lasting Impressions.

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About Feature

Introducing our innovative Video-based Incident Detection System designed to elevate customer-centric experiences. With advanced AI and video analytics technologies, this solution is tailored to enhance interactions between businesses and their customers. By seamlessly integrating with various sub-solutions, including Premium Customer Notification, Top Visitor Identification, and New Customer Entry Tracking, this system offers unparalleled insights to create memorable customer journeys.
Unlock the power of customer-centric enhancement with our Video-based Incident Detection System. By leveraging AI and video analytics, this solution enables businesses to provide tailored services, recognize valued patrons, and create positive first impressions for newcomers. Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty by embracing cutting-edge technology that focuses on the heart of your business: your customers.

Different Verticals of Security VIDS solution

  • Premium Customer Notification:
    Identify and respond to premium customers in real time. Our system detects and notifies staff when high-value customers enter the premises, enabling personalized services that foster loyalty and satisfaction. This is achieved through our face recognition services by registering premium customers.
    Analyzing the customer journey and generating the sales analysis of these type of customers helps the management to plan and make decisions which will help to have a significant increase in sales at Malls and Shopping Complexes.
  • Top Visitors Identification:
    Gain valuable insights into visitor patterns. The system identifies and highlights frequent visitors, allowing businesses to engage and reward loyal customers, further strengthening relationships.
    This feature can be used for person entries as well as vehicle entries of the premises. Top visitors can be identified through their vehicles or faces or with a combination of face and vehicle number. Our solution uses AI enabled and ML based ANPR and Face Recognition feature which gives more than 95% of accuracy in identification.

  • New Customer Entry Tracking:
    Make a lasting first impression by tracking new customer entries. Our solution ensures that new customers are immediately recognized, enabling proactive welcoming and assistance.
    A complete trend of New Customers entry count and analysis of the path followed by them helps the Malls and Shopping Complexes plan the way shops layouts are designed and fruitful changes can also be made.

Key Highlights

  1. Instant notifications for Premium customers, Top visitors and New Customer entry.
  2. Utilize a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool and Analytics to visually top visitors and new customer entry and journey trends.
  3. Generate detailed reports.
  4. Automated report distribution through email notifications.
  5. Leverage the current infrastructure for seamless VIDS implementation, resulting in reduced setup expenses.
Who Can Benefit:
  1. Retailers: Enhance customer service in retail environments by offering personalized attention to premium customers, identifying loyal visitors, and creating exceptional experiences for new customers.
  2. Hospitality Industry: Elevate guest experiences in hotels and resorts by recognizing high-value patrons, identifying frequent visitors, and ensuring that new guests receive a warm welcome.
  3. Entertainment Venues: Provide tailored experiences in entertainment venues by catering to premium customers, acknowledging repeat visitors, and ensuring newcomers feel valued.
  4. Financial Institutions: Improve customer relations in banks and financial institutions by identifying VIP clients, acknowledging loyal visitors, and ensuring a positive experience for newcomers.
  5. Service-Based Businesses: Optimize customer interactions in service-oriented businesses by prioritizing high-value customers, recognizing regular visitors, and enhancing the onboarding process for new clients.
  6. Healthcare Facilities:Enhance the level of care for patients in healthcare settings by compassionately recognizing those who visit regularly and offering extra support for those who may need it. Additionally ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all the patients.

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