Parking Guidance System

Simplify Parking with Technology: Experience stress-free parking through real-time slot navigation, pre-booking options, and seamless automated entry-exit, all powered by our intuitive Parking Guidance System.

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About Feature

Smart Parking Management and Guidance System is a fully automated and video analytics based system for optimal parking monitoring and guidance for users with support for man less parking operations. The solution is capable of automatically managing off-street (open to air or closed parking area or multi level parking surrounded by boundary with one or more entry and exit) as well as on-street parking sites using video analytics along with various payment options to collect parking charges. Entry and exit in the off-street parking sites can be fully automated using automatic ticket dispensing and payment kiosk usage. Users have easy access to find parking based on live availability and book parking in advance through the app.
Parking Guidance System guides the users and guests through the parking sites by showing the direction of the available parking slots and the number of available parking slots in various directions / pathways.Entry in the off-street/closed parking have provision for access based entry using QR Code readers, RFID readers, smart card, ANPR and Face Recognition based or any other access control options. It provides analytics to administrators which can help them to analyze and track premise security, surveillance, revenue and parking usage to empower them to make well-informed decisions.

Smarg's Parking Solution Types

  1. Entry & Exit Integrated with ANPR and Face Recognition System
  2. Integrated with QR Code, RFID readers and Sensors
  3. Integrated with ANPR and Face Recognition
  4. Advanced Parking Guidance System
  5. Automated No Parking Monitoring & Violations System
  6. Smarg Surveillance for Parking & other areas
  7. Easy to integrate with other system based on Open API compliant REST APIs
  8. Mobile app for the users and field staff
Who can benefit?
  1. Private Parking Operators
  2. Municipalities
  3. Smart Buildings & Business Premises
  4. Shopping centers
  5. Hospitals
  6. Universities
  7. Hotels
  8. Residential Areas
  9. Railway stations and Airports
  10. Outdoor Parking management in cities (on-street parking)
  11. Indoor Parking areas and many more
Smarg’s other solutions that can be integrated with Smarg Parking System
  1. ANPR
  2. Face Recognition Based Access Control System
  3. Smarg Surveillance System like Blacklisted Vehicles, Loitering, Fire Detection, Suspicious Object Detection, Unauthorized Person Detection etc.

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