Video Management System

Beyond Visuals: Elevate safety with advanced video analytics. Detect intrusions, suspicious objects, and more. Ensure compliance and enhance customer experience. Implement efficient traffic violation monitoring and incident reporting with AI-driven models and algorithms.

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About Feature

Our state-of-the-art technology enables uncompromising incident detection, ensuring a safer environment. From detecting intrusions to locating lost individuals and identifying suspicious objects, weapons, and blacklisted persons, our precision-driven system provides unparalleled security. Experience a Comprehensive Security Solution: Beyond visual surveillance, we cover fire detection, loitering alerts, and more. Our system not only identifies blacklisted vehicles, but also detects triple-riding violations, issues real-time accident alerts, prevents wrong-way driving, and recognizes stalled vehicles. It goes further by ensuring compliance with safety regulations, including helmets, safety jackets, glasses, PPE, masks, and safety shoes, in addition to enforcing uniform and SOP adherence. It also gives Customer-Centric solutions for a personalized experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify and cater to your top visitors. Offer tailored services to premium customers and extend warm welcomes to new entrants, leaving an impactful impression.

Key Highlights

  1. Fire detection and Loitering Detection.
  2. Intrusion and suspicious object detection.
  3. Accident and Wrong way driving alerts.
  4. Helmet and Uniform Detection Compliance.
  5. Blacklisted person and vehicle identification and weapon detection alerts.
  6. Premium and Top visitor customer alerts.
  7. New Customer entry tracking.
  8. No Zone Monitoring and Lost Child/Woman Alerts.
  9. Instant real-time notifications and alerts.
  10. Generate Detailed Incident reports.
  11. Automated report distribution through email notifications.
  12. Leverage existing infrastructure for seamless VMS, leading to reduced setup expenses.
  13. Utilize comprehensive BI tools and analytics to analyze incidents.
  14. 24 x 7 real-time camera and data access.
  15. Receive alerts and access data from anywhere using our mobile app.
    Who can benefit?
  1. Shopping Malls and Commercial complexes
  2. Retail and Small shops
  3. Airports and Transportations
  4. Smart Buildings
  5. Cities and Outdoors
  6. Emergency services
  7. Law Enforcement Agencies
  8. Traffic Authorities
  9. Libraries, Museums and Tourist Spots, Exhibitions and Sports Events
  10. Hotels
  11. Hospitals

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