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Beyond Visuals: Elevate Your Analytics with Video Intelligence, Enabling Precise Person Counting and Age-Gender Demographics Analysis through Tailored AI-ML Models and Cutting-Edge, Patent-Pending Algorithmic Expertise

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Smarg's Person Counting and Demographics Analytics is very important in many real-world applications. Person Counting and Demographics Analytics counts the number of people in indoor and outdoor places along with their demographics analytics i.e. Age group classification under different age brackets (0-15, 16-25, 26-35 etc.) and Gender classification (Male/Female). Using our solution, you can gain précised insights for Person Counting and Person Demographics at 95% or plus accuracy with our Tailored Models and patent pending AI algorithms. Person Counting and Demographics analytics can be done at each entry and exit gate and at Zone level, which helps the user to plan the floor and entry-exits of the premises. For example, Malls can plan for shops positioning depending upon the zone level data generated by the solution and can also manage the Entry-Exits in a more efficient manner. There are many advantages of using Person Counting and Demographics Analytics. For instance, counting the number of viewers in a shopping mall may provide valuable information for optimizing trading hours, as well as evaluating the attractiveness of some shopping areas or shopping items. They are widely used in retail environments; determining conversion ratio, advertising and promotional evaluations. They can be used for transportation management systems and video surveillance. People counting at events can be useful to assess capacity at stadiums, Malls, Shopping Complexes etc. to plan evacuation procedures during emergency situations such as fires and weather related emergencies. Smarg's Footfall Analytics and Heat Maps solution counts people and provides heat maps and analysis of data that helps organizations to improve their market strategy and well-informed decisions. It is based on AI and Deep Learning concepts and provides analytics on a real time basis with accuracy of more than 95%. It offers deep data analytics on a daily, monthly or yearly basis that helps in growing businesses and making perfect strategy for targeted growth. The solution can also be completely cloud based which means with Zero Capex one can onboard this amazing solution for precise Person Counting and Demographics Analytics for their premises.

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