Smart Cities

Cities transform into smart, secure, and efficient urban hubs with enhanced security, surveillance, privacy measures, and optimized parking management through innovative solutions.

Smart cities represent a visionary approach to urban development, integrating technology to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life. However, these urban landscapes face multifaceted challenges in security, surveillance, parking management, traffic control, and crowd management.

Ensuring the security and safety of citizens in densely populated areas poses challenges, along with managing traffic congestion, optimizing parking spaces, and handling large crowds at events. Traditional approaches struggle to cope with the dynamic and complex nature of urban environments.

The integration of our video analytics-based AI & ML solutions emerges as a transformative solution for smart cities. These technologies provide real-time insights into security threats, enable predictive traffic management, optimize parking space utilization, and enhance crowd control. Through data-driven decision-making, smart cities can navigate challenges efficiently, fostering safer, more sustainable, and livable urban spaces.

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Industry Challenges Addressed Through Our Solutions

Cities grapple with pervasive challenges in traffic congestion, security, and parking management. Traditional approaches often fall short in providing real-time solutions. Our company leverages cutting-edge AI, ML, and Video Analytics solutions to address these challenges comprehensively. From optimizing traffic flow and enhancing security with real-time threat detection to smart parking management, our innovative technologies redefine urban efficiency and safety, ensuring cities evolve into smarter, more livable spaces.

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Traffic Congestion :
Urban areas grapple with traffic congestion, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and increased pollution.Read more

Traditional traffic management systems struggle to adapt to dynamic conditions. Following solutions help to overcome the problems came out of traffic Congestion:
  • Automatic traffic light control
  • Lane wise vehicle counting
  • Blacklisted person identification & alerts
  • Unattended object alerts
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Traffic Violation & Incidents :
Traffic violations and incidents pose significant challenges for cities, leading to safety concerns, congestion, and inefficiencies in transportation systems.Read more

Effectively addressing these issues requires innovative solutions and proactive measures in urban planning and traffic management. Following solutions help to overcome the problems came out of traffic violations and incidents
  • Intelligent traffic light violation identification
  • Wrong way driving alerts
  • Stalled vehicle alerts
  • Accident detection and alerts
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Security Concerns :
Ensuring the safety and security of citizens in crowded urban spaces is a significant challenge. Traditional surveillance methods often fall short in providing real-time threat detection and response. Security Challenges and before handled with our following solutions: Read more

  • Blacklisted person identification and alerts
  • Crowd detection and alerts
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Lonely Child and women identification and alerts
  • Suspicious object detection and alerts
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Surveillance Gaps :
Conventional surveillance systems may have blind spots, limiting their effectiveness in monitoring vast urban landscapes comprehensively. Read more

Surveillance auto monitoring help into overcoming the possibility of huge damage from the accidents happening, the solutions can be:
  • Loitering detection & alerts
  • Fire detection
  • Customer movement flow tracking
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Parking Management :
Optimizing parking spaces, both open and closed, poses challenges due to inefficient utilization, inadequate monitoring, and difficulty in predicting demand patterns. Read more

  • Parking entry-exit management
  • Parking guidance system
  • Advanced parking booking and management

Cutting-edge solutions that cater to your requirements

City level Security

Integrating advanced AI and video analytics technologies, our comprehensive solution is crafted to elevate security measures, providing proactive defense against potential threats. Whether it's issuing lost child alerts, identifying suspicious objects or weapons, monitoring no people zones, or tracking blacklisted individuals, our system guarantees unparalleled protection for your premises.Learn More

City Surveillance Solutions

Our Urban Surveillance solutions play a proactive role in incident detection, generating real-time alerts to prevent potential accidents or tragedies. The system identifies fires and issues alerts, while customizable alerts cater to the specific needs of the city. Additional use cases, such as Loitering detection, contribute to maintaining cleanliness by triggering timely alerts. Learn More

City Security Solutions

Our urban Security solutions play a crucial role in identifying and reporting security breaches, ensuring the safety of citizens by issuing real-time alerts. Our comprehensive solutions contribute to enhancing city security through features like identifying and alerting on blacklisted persons, detecting crowds, intrusion, identifying lonely children and women, detecting suspicious objects, recognizing weapons, and detecting areas with no people. Learn More

Traffic Violation and Incident Reporting

Explore an innovative strategy for traffic management through our Video-based Incident Detection System designed specifically for reporting Traffic Violations and Incidents. Utilizing sophisticated AI and video analytics technologies, this solution provides authorities with the tools to vigilantly oversee road safety and enforce regulations. By integrating various sub-solutions such as identifying Blacklisted Vehicles, detecting Triple Riding Violations, spotting Accidents, issuing Wrong Way Driving Alerts, and identifying Stalled Vehicles, this system revolutionizes traffic management, making it safer and more efficient. Learn More

Traffic Analytics

Immerse yourself in the evolution of traffic management through our all-encompassing Traffic Analytics solution. Powered by advanced AI and ML technologies, this video-based platform converts intricate traffic data into actionable insights, elevating urban mobility, safety, and efficiency. With seamless integration into various traffic management solutions such as Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification (AVCC), incident reporting, and violation detection, Traffic Analytics transcends conventional traffic management, providing a comprehensive perspective on traffic dynamics and behavior. Learn More

Parking entry-exit monitoring

Parking Entry-Exit Monitoring System manages the entry and exit of the vehicles in the parking premises. The system allows a fully automatic parking system and provides a man less parking system. The system is hardware agnostic and can be easily integrated with existing hardware. The system displays parking availability at Entry gates and can be easily integrated with the parking guidance system. Learn More

Parking guidance system

Parking Guidance System guides the users and guests through the parking sites by showing the direction of the available parking slots and the number of available parking slots in various directions / pathways. Entry in the off-street/closed parking have provision for access-based entry using QR Code readers, RFID readers, smart card, ANPR and Face Recognition based or any other access control options. It provides analytics to administrators which can help them to analyze and track premise security, surveillance, revenue and parking usage to empower them to make well-informed decisions. Learn More

How we stand out with our product offerings

Elevating industries by addressing security, safety, operational efficiency, infrastructure constraints, and management needs, our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to overcome challenges while ensuring a seamless and secure environment.

Cloud Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate and operate within cloud environments, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for modern business needs. Provide zero capex solution with complete cloud based solutioning.

Scalable Architecture

Designed with scalability in mind, our solutions can adapt and expand to meet the evolving demands of your business, providing a future-proof foundation.

Data Security & Privacy

Prioritize the utmost security and privacy standards, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Proactive System Health Monitoring

Utilize proactive monitoring tools to ensure the continuous health and optimal performance of the system, minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

In Premise and Cloud-Based Solutions

Offer the flexibility to choose between on-premises and cloud-based solutions, catering to varied infrastructure preferences and providing adaptability to different business environments.

High Accuracy Results:

Deliver consistently high-accuracy results, utilizing advanced technologies and algorithms to ensure precision in data analytics and decision-making processes.

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