Parking Entry-Exit Monitoring

Elevate Parking Efficiency: Experience the future of parking management with our integrated solution, combining Video Monitoring, ANPR Technology, Vehicle Classification, and Robust Analytics to streamline operations and enhance the overall parking experience.

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About Feature

Parking Entry-Exit Monitoring System manages the entry and exit of the vehicles in the parking premises. The system allows a fully automatic parking system and provides a man less parking system. The system is hardware agnostic and can be easily integrated with existing hardware. The system displays parking availability at Entry gates and can be easily integrated with the parking guidance system. The solution is based on AI, deep learning and machine learning algorithms hence robust in nature and can be easily integrated and it is cost effective as well as efficient with its accuracy of more than 95%.
The solution when integrated with ANPR and Vehicle Classification can give very useful insights. Rich BI Analytics on top of the parking entry-exit data helps the management to have better insights into the parking usages along with the type of vehicle footfall and class arriving inside the premises.

Key Highlights

  1. On-Street & Off-Street parking
  2. AVehicle Count at all entry-exits & lane wise.
  3. Generate vehicle Entry-Exit Reports
  4. Automatically generate vehicle reports for dynamic durations like: Daily, Weekly and Monthly etc.
  5. Multi Transport Navigation
  6. Multi-Level Navigation
  7. Parking Availability and Advance Bookings.
  8. Parking Occupancy Analytics
  9. ANPR & Face based Automated Entry/Exit
  10. Proper utilization of the space
  11. Easily integrated with Parking guidance systems
  12. Advance Parking Booking
  13. Parking zones and parking violations can be monitored easily
  14. Top visitors listing
  15. Environment Friendly
Supports man less parking management for following features:
  1. Registered vehicle number plates
  2. Registered faces
  3. QR code issued through advance booking
  4. RFID Cards, etc.
Paid Parking System can be integrated with following devices on Entry-Exit:
  1. Android based POS device
  2. Automatic Ticket Dispenser at Entry
  3. Automatic Boom Barriers
  4. Manual Pay Station, etc.
    Who can benefit?
  1. Malls and Shopping Complexes
  2. Airports and Railway stations
  3. Industrial Parking (for Trucks/ Tractors etc.)
  4. Private Parking Operators
  5. Municipalities
  6. Smart Buildings & Business Premises
  7. Shopping centers
  8. Hospitals
  9. Universities
  10. Hotels
  11. Residential Areas
  12. Outdoor Parking management in cities (on-street parking)
  13. Indoor Parking areas and many more
Smarg's other solutions that can be integrated with Smarg's Parking System:
  1. Parking Guidance System
  2. Automatic Number Plate Detection
  3. Face Recognition Based Access Control System
  4. Smarg's Surveillance System
  5. Smarg's Vehicle Classification Solution
  6. Blacklisted Vehicle Detection and alerting

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