Video based Incident Detection System (VIDS) for Security

Guarding Beyond Boundaries: AI-Powered Incident Detection for Uncompromising Security. Detect Intrusions, Lost Individuals, Suspicious Objects, Weapons, and Blacklisted Persons with Precision

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About Feature

Embrace a new era of security with our cutting-edge Video-based Incident Detection System. This comprehensive solution is a culmination of advanced AI and video analytics technologies, designed to enhance security protocols and keep you one step ahead of potential threats. From intrusion detection to lost child alerts, suspicious object identification, weapon detection, no people zone monitoring and blacklisted person tracking, our system ensures unmatched protection for your premises.

Different Verticals of Security VIDS solution

  • Intrusion Detection:
    Safeguard your building boundaries effectively with real-time intrusion detection. Our AI-powered system immediately alerts you if any suspected person is attempting unauthorized entry, enabling rapid response and threat mitigation.
  • Lost/Alone Child/Women Alerts:
    Ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals by receiving immediate alerts for lost or alone children or women. The system's advanced facial recognition capabilities identify and notify security personnel, allowing for swift assistance.
  • Suspicious Object Detection:
    Stay vigilant against potential threats by detecting suspicious objects within your premises. Our solution's sophisticated algorithms can accurately identify and alert security teams to unattended or suspicious items.
  • Weapon Detection & Alerts:
    Enhance security measures with weapon detection capabilities. Our system can identify weapons in real time, triggering instant alerts and enabling timely action to prevent potential harm.
  • Blacklisted Person Identification:
    Seamlessly identify blacklisted individuals upon entry using facial recognition technology. By instantly recognizing individuals with security concerns, our system ensures proactive security management.
  • No People Zone Monitoring:
    Guarantee the security of restricted zones within the premises, preventing unauthorized personnel access. This safety protocol proves invaluable for maintaining the integrity of these areas, especially during non-working hours, thus elevating overall premise security. Instant alerts in real-time further reinforce the immediate security and safety measures

Key Highlights

  1. Instant notifications for incident detection across all security categories.
  2. Utilize a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool and Analytics to visually analyze incidents occurring within the organization or premises.
  3. Generate detailed incident reports.
  4. Automated report distribution through email notifications.
  5. Leverage the existing infrastructure for seamless VIDS implementation, resulting in reduced setup expenses.
Who Can Benefit:
  1. Security Professionals: Empower security personnel with an advanced toolset that enhances threat detection and response capabilities, making premises safer for occupants.
  2. Educational Institutions: Ensure the safety of students and staff by detecting intrusions, lost individuals, and potential threats. Rapid alerts enable swift action and a secure learning environment.
  3. Commercial Spaces (Malls/ Shopping Complexes): Protect business assets and personnel with comprehensive incident detection. Minimize risks related to intruders, suspicious items, or unauthorized individuals on premises.
  4. Public Spaces: Enhance public safety in crowded areas, such as malls, airports, railway stations, transportation hubs, and event venues. Quickly identify and respond to potential threats or vulnerable individuals.
  5. Government Facilities: Fortify government buildings and sensitive installations with state-of-the-art incident detection. Our system's advanced capabilities bolster security protocols.
Elevate security measures with our Video-based Incident Detection System. By leveraging the power of AI and video analytics, this solution ensures unparalleled protection against diverse security threats, promoting safety, and providing peace of mind.

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