Face Recognition as a Service

Innovation meets Affordability: Experience the magic of face recognition without any additional hardware! Use our API and Pay only for the faces you need to be recognized, perfect for those occasional moments when you want to unlock the power of this cutting-edge technology.

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About Feature

Say goodbye to the hassle of additional hardware – simply tap into our powerful APIs. Just upload a photo, and let our state-of-the-art technology take over. Witness seamless face detection and instant recognition results. Plus, stop worrying about unnecessary costs for occasional use. Our per-face pricing ensures you only pay for what you use, precisely when you need it.

Key Highlights

  1. API Based Solution, which means no additional hardware is needed
  2. Automatic Face Detection in the photo
  3. Get the Faces recognized
  4. Convenient Per-Face Pricing
  5. Verified by Bosch Mobility Marketplace
    Who can benefit?
  1. Retail Stores/ Dark Stores that require only some faces to be recognized
  2. Malls and Shopping Complexes that require only some faces to be recognized
  3. Industries that require only some faces to be recognized
  4. Other Tech Companies which require Face recognition APIs.

Our Clients

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