Video based Incident Detection System (VIDS)
Traffic Violation & Incident Reporting

Empower Your Roads: Unleash a Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Traffic Violation Monitoring and Efficient Incident Reporting. Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Control Centers, such as ICCC, Amplifying Operational Efficiency, and Unveiling Cost-Effective Deployment Possibilities.

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About Feature

Discover a revolutionary approach to traffic management with our Video-based Incident Detection System tailored for Traffic Violation & Incident Reporting. Harnessing advanced AI and video analytics technologies, this solution empowers authorities to monitor road safety and enforce regulations effectively. Seamlessly integrating multiple sub-solutions, including Blacklisted Vehicles, Triple Riding Violation Detection, Accident Detection, Wrong Way Driving Alerts, and Stalled Vehicle Identification, this system transforms traffic management into a safer and more efficient endeavor.
The solution is capable of operating as a self-contained unit, encompassing all facets of video analytics, backend processes, and analytics servers. This comprehensive setup ensures an end-to-end solution for monitoring Traffic Violations and Incident Reporting, eliminating the need for additional solutions. Alternatively, our VIDS for Traffic Violation and Incident Reporting seamlessly integrate with other control centers, such as ICCC or any existing on-site control center. This integration is facilitated through open standard APIs, socket communication, or hardware signals, providing compatibility with various traffic or security controllers. This versatile integration capability empowers customers to enhance their existing security, traffic, and surveillance infrastructure with a suite of remarkable solutions, all without the need for a ground-up investment, effectively reducing the overall deployment costs.

Different Verticals of Violation & Incident Reporting VIDS solution

  • Blacklisted Vehicles Identification:
    Strengthen law enforcement by instantly identifying blacklisted vehicles on the road. Our system enables authorities to take prompt action against unauthorized vehicles and individuals with security concerns through real time alerts to the central and regional control centers. The solution uses our proprietary ANPR patent pending algorithms for detecting the vehicle number plates and identifying them as a blacklisted vehicle.
  • Triple Riding Violation Detection & Alerts:
    Enhance road safety by detecting instances of triple riding on two-wheelers. Our custom trained models for Indian roads and theses type of use cases allow us to achieve an accuracy of more than 90-95% in detecting the triple riding violations. Our AI-powered system immediately alerts authorities, promoting responsible road usage.
    Triple riding Violation Detection & Alerts system with ANPR helps us get the identity of the vehicle and when integrated with the city's eChallan system it can help the authorities to have automated challans for such kind of traffic violations. Our System exposes open standard APIs to and can also be integrated with other systems APIs to make it integration ready with central traffic controllers and eChallan system.
  • Accident Detection & Alerts:
    Minimize response time to accidents with real-time accident detection. Our solution promptly alerts emergency services, enabling swift intervention and potentially saving lives.
    With our custom trained ML models and patent-pending algorithms our solution detects vehicle accidents with greater accuracy, it is custom trained for Indian road accidents, hence giving a good accuracy. The solution can play a vital role in saving lives that are in danger during any accidents as it can integrate with any other solution and hence can send alerts to city ambulance services in real time to save lives along with location and other details
  • Wrong Way Driving Alerts:
    Prevent wrong way driving incidents with our system's capability to detect and alert authorities about vehicles traveling in the wrong direction. This promotes safer road navigation and minimizes risks. The solution when incorporated with ANPR solution can integrate with eChallan System to generate automatic challans for the violators. Wrong way alerts help in mitigate risk for accidents due to reverse way vehicles hence improving security and safety of on road vehicles.
  • Stalled Vehicle Identification:
    Improve traffic flow by promptly identifying stalled or immobilized vehicles on the road. Our solution assists in faster incident response and helps mitigate traffic congestion. The solution helps in smoothening traffic flow on the roads with its configurability on stalled vehicle threshold and different camera views. The solution when incorporated with ANPR solution can integrate with eChallan System to generate automatic challans for the violators.

Key Highlights

  1. Instant notifications for incident detection across all ESS categories.
  2. Utilize a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool and Analytics to visually analyze Compliance violations occurring within the organization or premises.
  3. Generate detailed reports.
  4. Automated report distribution through email notifications.
  5. Leverage the current infrastructure for seamless VIDS implementation, resulting in reduced setup expenses.
Who Can Benefit:
  1. Traffic Authorities: Empower traffic authorities with an advanced toolset that simplifies traffic violation detection, incident reporting, and emergency response, ensuring safer roadways for all.
  2. Law Enforcement Agencies: Strengthen law enforcement efforts by accurately identifying and responding to blacklisted vehicles, triple riding violations, and wrong way driving incidents.
  3. Emergency Services: Enhance response times to accidents with real-time accident detection, enabling emergency services to reach the scene faster and provide timely assistance.
  4. Urban Planners: Utilize data from the system to improve road infrastructure planning and optimize traffic management strategies, ultimately creating more efficient urban mobility.
  5. Public Safety Departments: Ensure public safety by promptly detecting and addressing stalled vehicles and wrong-way driving, reducing accidents and maintaining orderly traffic flow.
  6. Transportation Agencies: Enhance overall transportation operations by leveraging real-time incident detection to minimize disruptions, mitigate risks, and ensure a seamless travel experience.
  7. Elevate traffic management to new heights with our Video-based Incident Detection System for Traffic Violation & Incident Reporting. By leveraging AI and video analytics, this solution enhances road safety, accelerates emergency response, and creates a more organized and secure traffic environment for everyone.

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