Vehicle Tracking Security System

Precision and Security Unveiled: Unleash the Power of ANPR and Face Recognition for Advanced Vehicle Tracking, Offering Unmatched Accuracy and Controlled Access

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Experience Smarg Vehicle Tracking and Security with ANPR and Face Recognition Our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and security system, powered by AI, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms, guarantees robustness, seamless integration, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional accuracy exceeding 95%. Harnessing the potential of your existing IP cameras, it effortlessly captures and recognizes faces and number plates, permitting access only to authorized individuals and vehicles. The fully automated solution harmoniously integrates with automated boom barriers at entry and exit points.
Elevate your security infrastructure to unprecedented levels with our AI-driven ANPR Face Recognition vehicle tracking and security solution, setting new standards in accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Key Highlights

  1. Whitelist & Blacklist Configuration: Tailor the system to your needs by configuring whitelist and blacklist faces and vehicle numbers, ensuring unparalleled control over access and security.
  2. Customized Alerts and Notifications: Receive real-time alerts, notifications, and alarms, empowering proactive security measures and swift responses to potential threats.
  3. Categorized People Management: Efficiently categorize individuals into various groups, such as staff or premium customers, allowing tailored access privileges for different segments.
  4. Integrated Surveillance Modules: Address evolving needs, including COVID-19 safety measures like mask detection, social distancing, and more, through seamless integration with surveillance modules.
  5. Access Control Integration: Seamlessly connect with existing access control systems using Open API compliant REST APIs, elevating your security infrastructure to new heights.
Industries Benefiting
  1. Offices: Streamline access control, enhance employee safety, and boost premises security with a cutting-edge system that adapts to dynamic requirements.
  2. Hospitals: Ensure secure patient and staff access while adhering to healthcare regulations, leveraging advanced AI-based recognition for heightened safety.
  3. Government Buildings: Elevate security protocols with AI-powered identification, granting entry only to authorized personnel for fortified public spaces.
  4. Defense Services: Enhance military base security with cutting-edge facial and vehicle recognition, fortifying your protective measures.
  5. Corporate Conferences: Simplify event access management while ensuring attendees' safety and security.
  6. Educational Institutions: From schools to universities, maintain a safe environment for students and staff with a system that recognizes authorized personnel.
  7. Entertainment Events: Manage access to music concerts and events securely while enhancing visitor experiences.
  8. Banking Facilities: Reinforce financial institution security with advanced access control, supporting a safe banking environment.

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