Video based Incident Detection System (VIDS)
Employee Security & Safety (ESS) Compliance

Elevate Employee Safety: A Cutting-Edge Video-based Incident Detection System. Ensure Compliance with Helmet, Safety Jacket, Glasses, PPE, Mask, and Safety Shoes Regulations, Along with Uniform and SOP Adherence. Revolutionize Workplace Security and Foster a Culture of Safety.

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About Feature

Elevate employee security and safety compliance with our state-of-the-art Video-based Incident Detection System. Designed to enhance workplace safety protocols, this comprehensive solution combines AI and video analytics technologies. From ensuring proper safety gear to adhering to SOPs, our system empowers you to create a secure and compliant work environment.

Different Verticals of ESS VIDS solution

  • Helmet & Safety Jacket Detection:
    Guarantee employee safety by detecting the presence of helmets and safety jackets in designated areas. Ensure compliance with essential safety equipment to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.
  • Glasses Detection:
    Enhance visual safety by identifying employees wearing safety glasses. Our AI-powered system ensures adherence to protective eyewear requirements, minimizing eye-related risks.
  • PPE Kit Check:
    Safeguard employee health by monitoring proper usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits. Ensure complete compliance with PPE requirements to prevent workplace hazards.
  • Mask Check:
    Promote hygiene and prevent the spread of infections by detecting mask compliance. Our solution monitors mask usage in real time, creating a safe environment for both employees and visitors.
  • Safety Shoes Check:
    Prioritize foot safety with our system's ability to identify employees wearing appropriate safety shoes. Prevent foot-related accidents by enforcing proper footwear usage.
  • Uniform Compliance:
    Ensure a professional and secure workplace by verifying uniform compliance. Our solution promotes consistency in appearance while emphasizing safety measures.

Key Highlights

  1. Instant notifications for incident detection across all ESS categories.
  2. Utilize a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool and Analytics to visually analyze Compliance violations occurring within the organization or premises.
  3. Generate detailed reports.
  4. Automated report distribution through email notifications.
  5. Leverage the current infrastructure for seamless VIDS implementation, resulting in reduced setup expenses.
Who Can Benefit:
  1. Industrial Settings: Enhance workplace safety in industrial environments where protective gear and SOP adherence are crucial. Prevent accidents and ensure regulatory compliance.
  2. Construction Sites: Mitigate risks and promote safety at construction sites by ensuring proper safety gear usage and adherence to established procedures.
  3. Manufacturing Units: Create a secure working environment for employees by monitoring compliance with safety regulations and SOPs.
  4. Healthcare Facilities: Ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients by monitoring PPE usage and adherence to infection control measures.
  5. Retail and Hospitality: Maintain a professional and safe environment for employees and customers alike by enforcing uniform compliance and hygiene protocols.
  6. Corporate Offices: Prioritize employee well-being in office spaces by monitoring mask usage and uniform compliance, fostering a secure and professional atmosphere.
Elevate employee security and safety compliance with our Video-based Incident Detection System. By seamlessly integrating AI and video analytics, this solution helps maintain workplace safety standards, safeguarding employees and fostering a secure work environment.

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