Company Overview

Welcome to Smarg, the leading provider of applied AI-powered 360-degree solutions for Smart Security, Surveillance, Parking, Traffic, Communication, and Culture in diverse sectors such as Smart Cities, Malls, Retail Chains, Airports, Townships, Manufacturing Industries, Mining Industries, and Events.
Our solutions include cutting-edge features like Person Counting, Person Demographics Analytics, Vehicle Counting (Four & Two Wheelers), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Blacklisted Vehicles, Zone Analytics (Customer journey, Efficient Zones, etc.), Queue Management, and Incident Detections. With our unique BI-powered Analytics derived from Video Analytics metadata, organizations gain valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Key Figures

Ignited with desire for innovation using Artificial Intelligence, patent pending technologies and unique capabilities, Smarg offers innovation for security, surveillance and the best possible solution for business.

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Smarg Mission

We strive to empower customers in superior branding with proactive safety and ability to take accurate data powered decisions to achieve enhanced experience, security, governance and high quality service for their physical spaces.

Smarg Vision

We are dedicated to foster this world with safe and efficient public spaces.

Why Choose Us

Technology Expertise & Business Angle

Possess right blend of Technology Expertise and Business angle

End to End & System Integration

Provide end to end solutions and system integration

Strategic Partnership

Leverage Strategic Partnerships for providing optimal solutions

Security, Manageability and Integration

Enable your product for enterrpises by inculcating Security, Manageability and Integration with entgerprise's current system

User Centric Design & Development

Foster user centric design and development

Quality & Innovation

Focus on quality and innovation

Our Story

Our journey began as a startup, fueled by curiosity and a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics, and Machine Learning. We introduced a remarkable COVID Safety solution for Malls, featuring Mask-No Mask detection, Social Distancing, Cleaning, Footfall Tracking, and Cloud-based analytics on top of it. As we grew, our enchanting Solution expanded to include Vehicle ANPR, Vehicle Counting, Highway Solutions, and Security & Surveillance Solutions. We gained recognition for our Offline & Online Solutions, providing Security and Counting wonders for Mines, Airports, ports, and more.


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Our Culture

Our company culture is vibrant and ever-evolving. With every new face that joins the team, a small part of us grows in a large way. We take initiative and share responsibilities with an entrepreneurial outlook. This is not just a workplace. It is our stage to learn, grow and shine as one team.


From the get-go, we make a conscious effort to clearly communicate our goals, responsibilities, expectations, and process with our teams as well as our clients.

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Integrity of Character

There are no shortcuts to ethical business. We practice honesty and lead by example in a way that promotes a culture of mutual respect across the company.

Commitment to Customers

We only make promises we can keep. We deliver on every task we undertake, putting our clients ahead of us every step of the way.

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Practicing Empathy

We really listen. By being considerate and accepting of those around us, we've learnt to broaden our own perspectives without a shred of arrogance.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We're a progressive meritocracy. We constantly strive to maintain an environment that is safe and free of prejudice. We hire on the basis of individual talent and qualifications, not labels.

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At Smarg, we are guided by a team of visionary leaders who bring unparalleled expertise and a shared passion for technology-driven solutions. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, they steer our company towards new horizons.

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